How to Motivate Yourself to Study

How to Motivate Yourself to Study

How to Motivate Yourself to Study

How to Motivate Yourself to Study

In this article, you will find 5 ways to motivate yourself to study.

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·Apr 22, 2022·5 min read

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You plan your timetable meticulously, keep all the stationery ready and find the perfect time to study, but when you are actually about to start, you lack the motivation to merely glance at the textbook. Or even if you do, it doesn’t last longer than 10 minutes. You are then consumed by the urge to check social media, text your friends or watch a show. And so the cycle repeats itself.

Are you familiar with this experience? We’ve all been there. Not being able to focus while studying can be extremely frustrating. But remember, not everyone is motivated throughout the day. It is okay not to be pumped up about studies all the time. All you need is a little help — a few tried-and-tested tips and tricks to put you back into study mode.

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Study

1. Find Your Spot 🖥🪑

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If you study while sitting on your bed or on the couch in front of the TV, here’s your cue to stop. Set aside a corner of your home for studying, away from all possible distractions. If you have a study table but you barely use it, that’s mostly because it’s messy and disorganised. Such an environment barely sets the tone for studying.

A comfortable chair in a place that has minimal distractions can surely help you focus better. Over a period of time, your mind will eventually start associating that spot exclusively with productivity, focus and learning. So, the next time you sit down to study, clear your desk. Keep your phone away, remove any object that could meddle with your attention and place only the essentials on your desk. If you are studying online, close all the unwanted tabs and block any unnecessary websites that you might feel tempted to check.

2. Take a Stroll 🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♂️🎧


This trick often works like a charm because when you go out on a walk, you are exercising while experiencing a much-needed change in the environment.

What happens when you exercise? Endorphins are pumped into your bloodstream! This hormone erases the lingering fatigue and brain fog, restoring focus and improving your mood.

A study by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) showed that exercise also stimulates the production of hormones that elevate our ability to learn and memorise. So, a nice 30-minute walk might be just what you need to focus on studying. It nudges you in the right direction, getting you back on the productivity track.

3. Go Easy in the Beginning 🏁⛳


It’s definitely not a great idea to start with the most challenging chapters at a time when you are already struggling to focus. The next time you find yourself in such a situation, go over the previous chapter you recently studied or choose a topic that you know will be easy for you to learn. By doing this, you will not only keep the momentum going but also be able to focus better.

4. Beat Procrastination with Pomodoro ⏳⏱


If you have done your fair share of research on effective study techniques, you would’ve surely come across the Pomodoro technique. This method is lauded by students across the world as one of the most effective ways to overcome procrastination.

The Pomodoro technique is essentially a time management strategy designed by Francesco Cirillo. It is based on working in 25-minute intervals. This method eliminates resistance and improves concentration, thanks to the short 25-minute block of time. Here’s how you can implement this method to boost your motivation:

  • Set a timer for 25 minutes. Make sure you focus on one chapter at a time.
  • Take a five-minute break after 25 minutes.
  • Repeat this four times.
  • Take a longer break — say for an hour or so — after completing four such cycles.

Pro tip: Keep a piece of paper handy to note down the thoughts that distract you while studying. Say, you suddenly remember to send an email or that you need to get milk or remind a friend about something — write it down. Doing this will ensure that you remember that thought, preventing the diversion of your attention from the task at hand.

5. Don’t Forget to Reward Yourself 🏆🍰


All work and no play means you will find your motivation and focus fading in a very short period of time. Thus, it is important to treat yourself to something you love once in a while. You can pick anything — an episode of your favourite show, an hour of gaming or even a scoop of a new ice cream flavour. Perhaps you could get an hour of gaming for studying three chapters or you buy yourself some fries for successfully finishing a challenging topic.

Remember, a little self-appreciation can do great wonders. Therefore, don’t forget to reward yourself every time you complete a task.

In addition to the above-mentioned tips, setting smart goals for yourself is one of the easiest and most effective ways to motivate yourself to study.

What do you do when you are demotivated? Do share in the comments below!

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